Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all! I hope you have a wonderful day with all your family and friends!

The Evil Amidst - 'Lord of the Nine' Album Review

Check out this Album Review - Unbelievable!!

Time for something earth-shatteringly evil; The Evil Amidst are a stunningly proficient band from Florida featuring respected members of the scene there ........

Let me know what you think!

Kamelot Announcement

As I am sure most of the Kamelot fans are aware, Roy Khan will not be able to join us on the remaining tour supporting "Poetry for the Poisoned". While we have a lot of fun touring and playing music, it is a job and can take a toll on a person. The time away from family and friends can be very difficult and unfortunately, Roy has had to make a difficult choice. I hope he continues on the road to a full recovery.

I am very much looking forward to 2011 - it is going to be an unbelievable year! Kamelot is going to have bigger and better shows and kick some ass on stage. We kick it off in April in South America with IRON MAIDEN and then head to Europe for Pandemonium over Europe 2011. I can't believe in a little over 100 days I am going to be stepping on that plane to bring it to you. I have new guitars that are better than anything I have had before and can't wait to play them on the big stage!

You guys blew me away with the overwhelming participation in the last two contests. So much so that I will be participating in the next ones with you! Keep checking the site for details!!!!

Kamelot added to Iron Maiden Show!!!!!

We will be joining Iron Maiden for their stadium concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 8, 2011. Check out the full story at


Thank you to all who participated in the second contest. Once again it has been a ton of fun and everyone did a great job. Congratulations to the grand prize winner Nikolay Zuluaga!!!

Here are the results from the top two contestants:

Nikolay - 35 confirmed followers
Jessica - 13 confirmed followers (Jessica won the first random prize in this contest)

Once again congratulations to Nikolay and Jessica!!! Happy Holidays to everyone and stay tuned to the site for new contests -



Get those final entries in - contest ends at noon today!!!!!


Don't be beat by one or two - there is still time to get those last entries!! Winner has their choice of two tickets to any South American/European show or my FAVORITE tour jacket. Winner will be announced Monday at noon.



KAMELOT guitarist/founder Thomas Youngblood and drummer Casey Grillo will host MTV's "Headbangers Ball" on Monday, December 6th at 3 a.m. ET/PT (technically Tuesday morning)


I have joined THE EVIL AMIDST, the South Florida-based "all-star" death metal band with members from Malevolent Creation, HatePlow and Kult of Azazel. But have no fear KAMELOT fans, I will remain with Kamelot and just pull "double duty".

THE EVIL AMIDST recently released their debut album, "Lords of the Nine" and is available via iTunes. For more information check out:


The second contest will be ending in only FOUR short days!!! The contestants are neck and neck so make sure you continue to sign people up over the next few days. Also, I'm working with a new band and will being posting some new information and dates soon. Keep checking the website for announcements!!